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Hi- I'm Jay. 👋 I'm a 'multipotentialite' which means that I'm deeply curious about a bunch of different stuff. I’ve had the pleasure of working in many different industries throughout my journey of discovery, and I’m constantly finding new hobbies and interests to throw myself into. The majority of my mental energy is dedicated toward building meaningful community and finding genuine connection wherever I go through life and career.

I'm a passionate climber, cyclist, surfer, reader of books, and woodworker. I'm originally from South Africa, but am currently living in Boulder, Colorado. I tend to travel around a lot and I'm always looking for new connections around the world. If you want to grab a coffee, send me an email or tweet me :)


Things i’m proud of

  • Founded JTD salvage at 19yo - A company to provide the less fortunate with access to learning with electronics.

  • Building a community around introspective monthly reviews (currently down for a re-build)

  • Anxiously launching a personal newsletter

  • Graduated a start-up tribe programme (13 week intensive start-up/business course)

  • Cycled from London to Paris

  • Completed a self-sufficient, wild cycle tour of the Scottish Highlands (read about it here)

  • Hitch-hiked 3000km across Europe (on £50, in flip flops)

  • Climbed and filmed Kilimanjaro and Meru (this was a childhood dream!)

  • Had incredible experiences at a 10 day silent meditation retreat (Vipassana)

  • Have grown and developed as human in ways I could only describe over a coffee/beer (It all started in South Africa as a relatively poor kid and moving to London alone at age 20)

  • Travelled to over 40 countries (and counting)

  • Designed and published a book (not authored by me)

  • Designed and facilitated 3 Facebook ad workshops

  • Lived in Israel, UK, Colorado, Bali, Portugal, and South Africa.

  • Attempted a world first paddle-board down Scandinavia's longest river with 3 friends (720km!)

  • Grown online communities into the hundred thousand mark, around products/missions with purpose

My Mission

To explore our world. Study maps under unfamiliar stars through the pitter-patter in my chest. Follow my instincts and let curiosity be my guide. Connect with new people and embrace uncertainty. To let community and love be the pillar through life and leave smiles along the way. To never stop learning and to surrender to the future.

My favourite books

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

The Philosopher and the Wolf  by Mark Rowlands

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie (Horrible title, great book)

The Dolphins Tooth: A Decade in Search of Adventure by Bruce Kirkby

Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer

To challenge and push yourself to your limits will show you who you truly are. The real you is not the one who takes the easy road; it’s the one who remains when the easy roads run out. The real you is not the one who rides his luck, but the one who remains when that luck runs out.
— Jay Dike

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Oh man, that was a lot of typing. If you made it to the end - High Five!