Proudly born and raised in South Africa, spending my early years in nature embracing creativity and adventure.

I started my first business at 19 buying, repairing and reselling electronic devices, giving the poorer communities of South Africa access to technology. Then finding my way into furniture design and customer relations- Man, that sounds boring. Let's go with Human connections instead!

Then I jumped on a plane to big ol' London with nothing but my camera and a good dose of determination (I mean, I brought some clothes too. That would be weird if not..)

Since then, I have tasted pies of all variety. From learning the basics of coding, becoming community obsessed, diving into the digital marketing world and working with the great folks over at Escape The City in a mission to wake up the working world. In between all of this, I've kept my passion for photography and adventure and remained as curious as ever.

I'm currently discovering many remote corners of our planet with camera in hand, whilst working on various creative projects in search for my true calling. If you've got a project that you'd like help with. Feel free to reach out.

All in all, I'm a bit of a nature and animal geek, with an incredibly adventurous spirit and a soft spot for a good story. If you've got one you want to share, drop me an email or tweet me.

My Mission

To explore our world. Study maps under unfamiliar stars through the pitter-patter in my chest. Follow my instincts and let curiosity be my guide. Discover new lands and embrace uncertainty. To meet new cultures and leave smiles along the way. To carve an identity, develop minds and nurture community.

To challenge and push yourself to your limits will show you who you truly are. The real you is not the one who takes the easy road; it’s the one who remains when the easy roads run out. The real you is not the one who rides his luck, but the one who remains when that luck runs out.
— Jay Dike

What I've Achieved

  • Founded JTD salvage at 19- An electronic repairs and sales business.
  • Photography Diploma
  • Photoshop Expert
  • Digital Marketing Diploma 
  • Start-up tribe programme graduation (13 week intensive start-up/business course)
  • London to Paris cycle 2016
  • 1 week self sufficient, wild cycle tour of the Scottish Highlands (read about it here)
  • Running Adventure Goat 
  • Set-up and launched a pop-up shop in London in less than 48 hours
  • Successfully run Facebook ads for a diverse bunch of companies around the world. Ensuring a high ROI for each of them
  • Book design
  • Built this website, and others. But you know that already because your on it.
  • 6 week photography job for Abraham tours. Shooting Adventure tours around Israel and Jordan.
  • Expedition along the longest river in Scandinavia. Becoming the first people in the world to have paddled the Roa.