12 Random things

You likely don't know me very well, so here are 12 random facts, opinions, and perspectives to fix that.

1. I no longer have feeling in the tip of my right big toe after climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. Definitley worth it, as this was a childhood dream accomplished. The trip was to support and raise funds for Tanzanian porters and their families.

2. I once hitchhiked from Turkey to London, through 9 countries (3000km), in 7 days, with only £50, in flip flops.

3. Some friends and I once attempted to be the first people to paddle board down Scandinavia's longest river (750 odd km). We failed. (side note: rapids suck on a paddle board.)

4. I started my first company at 19. The mission was to reduce electronic waste by recycling surplus phones and laptops from insurance companies, repairing them, and providing them to less fortunate students.

5. One of my most transformational, yet difficult, experiences was a 10 day silent mediation retreat (Vipassana). If you wanna hear more, you'll have to let me buy you a coffee.

6. I'm awed by human consciousness and the psyche. Everyone single human has their own little worlds going on. Their owns pleasure, hopes, dreams, and worries. This is fascinating to me, and likely a reason why I love community, marketing, and traveling- because it allows me to experience so many different cultures and have many meaningful conversations.

7. I used to be debilitatingly bad at dealing with uncertainty. Now I'm just a little bit good at it (practice makes perfect, right?).

8. I can't quite decide whether I'm more in love with the mountains or the ocean. (Update: this has been decided. It's the mountains. climb/hike anyone?)

9. I've had a real strange journey of career desires and experiences - vet, architect, game reserve/park ranger, carpenter, psychologist, library owner, adventure photographer, entrepreneur. I've settled at 'multi-potentialite' so i can do it all.

10. I've cried whilst being out in the wilderness more times than I care to admit so many times and I'm not ashamed of it. Our world is overwhelmingly beautiful and has a way of putting everything into perspective.

11. I read roughly 20 books a year. Main themes include philosophy & psychology, adventure travel, and history/futurism.

12. I believe every human has a deep sense of curiosity and creativity- it's just about asking the right questions to uncover where it lies.