A peek into my brainium

You likely don't know me very well so here are 12 random facts, opinions and perspectives to fix that

  1. I acheived a childhood dream and climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, among other African peaks (can't feel the tip of my right toe anymore becuase of this... worth it)

  2. I once hitchhiked from Turkey to London through 9 countries in 7 days with only £100, in flip flops.

  3. Some friends and I once attempted to be the first people to paddle board down Scandinavia's longest river (750 odd km). We failed because rapids suck on a paddleboard.

  4. I started first company at 19.

  5. One of my most transfomrational, yet difficult experiences was a 10 day silent mediation retreat (Vipassana). If you wanna hear more, you'll have to let me buy you a coffee. In silence!

  6. I'm awed by human consciousness. Everyone single human has their own little worlds going on. Their owns pleasure, hopes, dreams, and worries.

  7. I used to be debilitatingly bad at dealing with uncertainty. Now I'm just a little bit good at it (practice makes perfect, right?)

  8. I can't quite decide whether I'm more in love with the mountains, or the ocean.

  9. I've had a real strange journey of career desires and experiences - Vet, architect, football player, carpenter, psychologist, vagabond, adventure photographer, entreprenuer. I've settled at 'multipotentialite' so i can do it all.

  10. I've cried whilst being out in the wilderness more times than I care to admit so many times and I'm not ashamed of it. Our world is overwhelmingly beautiful and it puts everything into perspective.

  11. I read roughly 20 books a year. Main themes are around philosophy & pyschology, adventure travel, and history/futurism.

  12. I believe every human has a deep sense of curiosity and creativity, it's just about realising this and discovering how best to access it.